Get Vietnam visa Online. Why Not?

Are you preparing a trip by air to Viet Nam and questioning yourself: How to get Viet Nam visa in the easiest way? The “visa on arrival” online is your answer.

Vietnam Visa Online

Visa on arrival” means that you will get the visa stamp upon the arrival airport in Viet Nam. It is legally effective since 2002 but was applicable for following circumstances:

– Attending funerals of family members;
– Taking care of family members who are seriously ill;
– Providing technical emergency support; medical care for seriously-ill patients; natural disaster and epidemic relief in Viet Nam;
– Being invited by Vietnamese government;

In recent years, however, this service has been widely used and recognized, with about 65 percent for leisure tours to Vietnam.

The visa result obtained via this mode is issued by Vietnam Immigration Department and has the same validity as one obtained from any Vietnamese embassy or consulate abroad.

Visa on arrival is benefit for customers for time- and money-saving. In urgent cases, visa on arrival can be issued within only 2-4 working hours. Another advantage is that the applicants can keep their own passport in their possession at all times, from applying step which is submitted online to visa stamp step in Viet Nam airport. All data operated by a computer software guaranteeing all information is kept secure.

Below are some comments of those who used the service already.

I am totally satisfied with this service. I applied visa with and paid $16 for my visa, all was done online when I sat on the bed. Then I got the visa letter via my email just 1 day after.” – Anna Swift, an English tourist said.

“This service brought me a deep impression on how productive Vietnamese are doing. The sales team of processed my application so promptly and they took care of my concerns very well. It should be a great start for my wonderful holiday in Viet Nam!” said Raymond Rowe, a visitor from Australia.

However, there is a big disadvantage as it is only applicable to air travelers. With other travel means, tourists have to visit an embassy to get a visa.


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