Erase users’ concern of Vietnam visa on arrival

You are coming to Vietnam? And you feel rather confused about Vietnam visa on arrival procedures, didn’t don’t you? If yes, this information below will help you reduce all your concerns of Vietnam visa on arrival. Also for easily catching up information, the information will be listed in the Q&A with multiple choices and right answers.

1. Who can use Vietnam Visa on arrival?
a. Those go to Vietnam by airplane.
b. Anyone
c. Vietnam does not offer visa on arrival,
d. Those transit in Vietnam only.
e. Those go to Vietnam via land border.
f. Those go to Vietnam via sea border.
The right answer: a. Those go to Vietnam by airplane.

2. Other Requirements to get visa on arrival?
a. Your passport details
b. Passport validity of at least 6 months and left pages (more than 1).
c. In Vietnam airport, passport photos and stamping fee.
d. Both All of the abovea,b and c.
e. Nothing.
The right answer: d. Both a,b and c. All of the above

3. Is Vietnam visa on arrival valid?
a. Based on National Ordinance No. 24/2000/PL-UBTVQH10,Vietnam visa on arrival is legal document issued by Vietnam Immigration Department.
b. Only Vietnam Embassy can issue Vietnam visa.
The right answer: a & b
Both Vietnam Immigration Department and Vietnam Embassy in the foreign countries can issue Vietnam visa. Vietnam Immigration Department issuesVvisa on arrival which is picked up at Vietnam international airport.

4. How about the fees and charges of Vietnam visa on arrival?
a. Service fee: You pay travel agents online.
b. Stamping fee: You pay in cash to Immigration Officers at Vietnam airports.
c. Both a & b.
The right answer: c. Both a& b
Do not think that you are double charged. The service fee is for pre-approval letter issued. The stamping fee is for sticking visa stamp on your passport.
In the hope of that all clarifications above will make you clear about Vietnam visa on arrival as well as far away from any worry during when coming to Vietnam.


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